Nashville Digital Marketing


Nashville Digital Marketing and Howell Design specializes in assisting businesses with digital marketing management and content managenet and UI/UX web development. We create and implement certified marketing strategies for brand awareness, PPC advertising,social media storytelling through the buyer's'journey to conversion. With 20 years in the web and marketing industry, we keep up-to-date on the latest trends and technological advances in the field of e-commerce marketing. Nashville Digital Marketing offers any array of services with integrity and keen professionalism to all our clients, no matter the size of the project or company.

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Like tossing a newspaper in a dark drawer, a website, without search engine optimization and personalized marketing, will remain unnoticed.

design services, SEO, consultation, web marketing

UI/UX Analytics Audit and Review



  • Pinpoint user-friendly navigation
  • Discover usability issues
  • Uncover lost conversion opportunities
  • Improve architecture and navigation
  • Analyze and correct bounce rates
  • Reveal strongest and weakest channels
  • Analyze search engine rank for keywords

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    print media, web advertising, banners, business logos

    Multi-channel Digital Marketing



  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Branded Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Retargeting for the buyer's journey.
  • Digital press releases
  • Channnel Analytics
  • PPC Advertising

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    landscape photography, product photos, portraits

    Content Development and Design



  • Content Audits
  • Pillar pages and link development
  • Landing pages
  • Graphics & Photography
  • Content Curation
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Mobile / desktop content development

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    About Nashville Digtial Marketing & Design




    Innovative web design for small business needs, including responsive sites, marketing and promotion, and excellent content creation and management, including blogging and other social media channels.

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    A selection of Howell Design's work with web design, print and media design, and content creation.



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