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About Greg Howell

Greg Howell


Greg Howell has worked for museums, corporations, small businesses and individuals for 25 years as a project manager. consultant, web and graphic designer, and web marketing management. He has worked with FringeNYC in Manhattan, an international theatrical company that puts on over 200 shows each August. Howell also worked with ecommerce companies, such as Judson & Co. and Modern Arts, in New York, in all aspects of web management, including shopping cart management, online marketing and search engine optimization, digital photography, and graphic design. He created, managed, and edited the website for InsideOut Magazine - Hudson Valley, including graphic art, writing and photography. His client base from the last decade range from New York, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama.

From 1992 - 2002, He helmed the Exhibitions & Archives department for Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE, Graceland) for a decade. Greg developed their state-of-the art archives containing a digital database of 100,000 photographs, 10,000 textiles, 250,000 documents, and 30,000 miscellaneous objects including classic cars, musical instruments, weaponry, furniture and accessories, residential architecture, and a customized, private jet. He worked on exhibits with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, several Presidential Libraries, and in the U.K. and Germany. He returned briefly in 2003 to Graceland, EPE as a consultant for their partnership with the Peabody Hotel opening Elvis Presley's teenage home at Lauderdale Courts in Memphis.

In 2002, Greg began working with the development of two new museum initiatives in Tunica County, Mississippi. He designed and assisted with the installation of artifact mounts and cases for exhibitions. Greg developed physical and digital archives and a series of exhibit concepts for the American Contract Bridge; the New York State Museum of Firefighting, Hudson, New York, a 50,000 square foot facility with artifacts and apparatus spanning 300 years; and Historic Hudson. He consulted with the estate of television actress Elizabeth Montgomery; he was instrumental in obtaining a star for Ms. Montgomery on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and consultation for a related award event. He was the consultant for The Liberace Museum and Foundation (Las Vegas) from 2007 - 2008, advising the museum curator and board on preservation, conservation, and exhibition techniques. More recently, HowellDesign and Iconservation have merged to create heritage walking tours and historical websites and data systems at greatly reduced costs for non-profit organizations.

Greg has appeared on MTV, VH-1, the BBC, NBC's Dateline, Good Morning America (ABC), and in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, the Bild Hannover (Germany) and Agenda magazines. In 2005, his interest in web design and project management rekindled his love of photography, writing, and graphic design, and his recent photographs and articles have appeared in Italian Architecture Digest, Elle Decor, InsideOut Hudson Valley, Northeast Antiques Journal, plus numerous websites and local newspapers.



Selected List of Consulting Projects and Experience

  E-commerce and Web Development/Management
  ACS Fire Alarm Systems, 2015 - Present - Birmingham, AL
  Sports Team Accessories, 2016 - Present - Huntsville, AL
  Windsor Milling and Elevator Company - Windsor, Colorado, 2014
  Spa LaDonna - Decatur, AL, 2013 - Present 
  LEARN – School of Esthetics and Medical Esthetics – Decatur, AL, 2013-Present 
  Fayette County Historical Society – La Grange, Tennessee, 2013 
  Judson Wholesale Fashion Jewelry – Decatur, AL, 2010 - 2012 
  InsideOut Magazine – Hudson Valley, NY, 2007 – 2010 
  Modern Arts Packaging – Hudson and New York, NY, 2006 – 2009 
  Stewart House Historic Inn – Athens, New York, 2009-2010

  FRINGE Theater Festival Inc – New York, NY, 2007 – 2016
  InsideOut Magazine – Hudson Valley, NY, 2007 – 2010

  Museum, Non-profit, and Estate Consultation 
  Liberace Museum & Foundation – Las Vegas, NV, 2008 - 2009 
  The Estate of Elizabeth Montgomery – Los Angeles, California, 2005 - 2009 
  Firefighting Museum of New York State – Hudson NY, 2005 - 2007 
  Historic Hudson – Columbia County, NY, 2006 - 2009 
  American Contract Bridge League – Memphis, TN 2004 – 2009 
  The W.C. Handy Historic Home & Museum; Memphis, TN 2003;
  Elvis Presley Enterprises, Graceland (Estate of Elvis Presley) – Memphis TN, 1992 - 2004 
  Belz Group, Peabody Hotel – Memphis, TN, 2004 
  STAX Museum of American Soul – Memphis, TN - 2004 
  Center of Southern Folklore – Memphis, TN, 2003 
  Tunica River Park Museum – Hollywood, Mississippi, 2003-2004