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The Time Element, November 10, 1958

In late 1957, months after ending television’s #1 show, I Love Lucy, Desi Arnaz’ hatched a plan to create another significant series from Desilu Studios.  RKO studios was near bankruptcy, and Arnaz saw the property as the ideal television mega-studio property for Desilu’s continued growth. Desi Arnaz sold CBS the rerun’s of I Love Lucy for $6 million, and […]

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Westinghouse-Desilu Playhouse Presents: The Untouchables, April 20 & 28, 1959

For the 1958-59 television season, Desilu Studios trotted out a new, hour-long anthology, the “Westinghouse-Desilu Playhouse” for CBS. While the majority of productions were only moderate successes, several productions pulled in spectacular ratings. Besides the Westinghouse sponsored “The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show,”- which were specials and technically not part of the Westinghouse-Desilu Playhouse – both […]

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