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ICON RESTORATION: The Singing Lady, Irene Wicker

Irene Wicker was a pioneer of children’s programming on radio. Her show, Kellogg’s Singing Lady featured more story-telling than singing. Children also adored her singing voice, and her radio show was essential childhood listening of the 1930’s. Her songbooks were marketed on boxes of Kellogg’s cereals, often featuring her own adaptations of classics, including Charles […]

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Icon Restoration: William Asher

Born on August 8, 1921, William Asher is the son of Hollywood film producer Ephraim Asher. In the 1930’s, Ephraim Asher was responsible for some of the classic Dracula and Frankenstein movies, as well as the critically acclaimed film,Magnificent Obsession. Son William Asher worked in various roles in Hollywood, from the mailroom to screen writer, […]

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Icon Restoration: Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson’s star should burn brighter. He was the featured player on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, the quintessential family sitcom that ran for 14 seasons on television. Young 11 year old Ricky and the rest of the Nelson family debuted on television after a long run on radio. The young tyke grew up in […]

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