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Sesame Street, “Green,” March 10, 1970

(Sponsored by the letters G, O, Z, and the numbers 4 & 5) Without argument, Kermit the Frog’s “Green,” later retitled “Being Green,” is the most significant and successful song written for children and children’s television programming in the history of recorded music and broadcasting. Premiering at the end of the show’s first, wildly successful […]

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Death of Mr. Hooper, November 24, 1983

When Will Lee passed away in 1982, the producers of Sesame Street were faced with the dilemma of suddenly withdrawing the beloved and popular character of Mr. Hooper from the show without comment, or facing the difficult task of presenting the serious theme to millions of children. Sesame Street chose the latter. Mr. Hooper had very close ties to […]

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