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Our handbook general packages available from Howell Design, including web, print, photography and more.

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This is basically a starter kit for new business or new sites that want an online presence. Generally, these are sites with very basic images, photos, and graphics. Usually, traffic is directed to these sites via domain name listings on business cards and other websites, like from a Chamber of Commerce site. Limited to a few pages, some businesses need a web presence but perhaps are not fully committed to operating and marketing a website. These are perfect for small non-profits and new businesses. Howell Design creates these sites to be expandable in the future when businesses are ready for greater growth and expense.These sites are more affordable for new businesses and non-profits, starting as low as $500!
Businesses that desire to improve their organic rank in the results of search engines, like Google and Bing, often choose this package. Implementing proven techniques, Howell Design programs a website's code with microdata and rich snippets, as well as creating meta tags and "alt tags" for imaging. We set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to assist search engine rank improvement. Organic search results are free, so this is one of the more affordable options for businesses, as well as an extension of the Basic Package. HD takes advantage of Google's tools to give your business or website greater visibility, resulting in more traffic to your website. This package starts as low as $1500, and includes planning and creating the website, search engine optimization, choosing the best domain name, documentation in Google Places and Businesses, and includes consultation for techniques businesses can use to even further improve search engine results for a website.
This is the recommended package for any business, whether startup or existing, to get the most visibility and customer traffic to your website. Beyond the initial creation and set up of the website, including content, graphic imaging, and photography, this package incorporates proven techniques that search engines look for to provide relevant results. HD incorporates everything from Package #2,and also includes utilizing social media. Sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkdIN, Instagram, and blogging. This package includes 90 days consultation and social media marketing, as well as training to provide clients with the tools to continue without additional expense. Package #3 starts at $2500.
Many businesses discover they have little time to focus on keeping an active social media schedule or regularly posts new content on their blogs. Managing and marketing a website is a time consuming job and involves a certain amount of expertise and training. Howell Design offers a web and marketing manangement package to keep new traffic and visibility flowing by utilizing the free marketing avenues of social media and blogging. Additionally, Howell Design offers expertise for managing and achieving measured success with social media and mobile advertising. For most small businesses, weekly ad budgets of $25-$50 can drive new customers to businesses. Smartly programmed advertising with Facebook can deliver sizable success with minimum expense. HD offers consultation and management of these many ways to grow businesses through social media marketing.Package #4 starts at prices as low as $500.
Building e-commerce sites are like building a home. For a home, one might decide to have 4 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, etc, or a smaller home with 2 bedrooms and one master bath. E-commerce sites work much the same way. The cost depend on the size and scope of your business needs. Small, economic shopping carts are cost-effective, but may have limitations that are unacceptable to the client. Bigger, more costly sites may have many tools the client doesn't need. Howell Design assists clients select the appropriate size and scope of a shopping cart, and value engineers it to fit budgets. Smaller, more standard type shopping carts can began as low as $1500, but much more complex sites can greatly increase those costs. HD offers free consultation to assist business owners understand the type of shopping cart necessary for their goals. And, of course, we can build them to your specifications.
Howell Design can manage an entire shopping cart, including photography, product descriptions, data input, analytics, marketing, and much more. Pricing is calculated by size and scope of a clients needs for shopping cart management.